The aims of the Charity:



The Charity intends to work in four different countries:



However, the charity's mission is not strictly confined to these countries
and it is willing to take its mission around the globe wherever the need arise.





Justice for All is a diverse organisation which believes in equality
and strongly committed to provide equal treatment to deserving people.


It's sole mission is to protect the human rights of the individuals in the developed
and underdeveloped countries, provide better health care to the needy,
advocate for the women rights, Inter alia, protect women from being
a victim of domestic violence, eliminate child poverty, provide free education
to the children and raise Child Protection related issues before the competent authorities.

It will provide free legal services to those Individuals who fall under the above criteria.


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Account details of Justice For All Charity:
Bank Name: Lloyds TSB UK
Account Name:  Justice For All
Account Number: 35030660
Sort Code: 30-92-93